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Contact Us

Burnaby Clinic:

Open in Burnaby for your convenience. Please give us a call to book a free diagnostic sleep test.

420 – 4460 Beresford Street
Burnaby, BC V5H 2Y8

Phone: 778.379.6570

Fax: 1.844.753.3750(SLEEP50)

Email: [email protected]

Office hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Qualified Sleep Apnea Clinic in Burnaby, BC

Snoring and sleep apnea are common sleep disorders that can severely impact the quality of life for not only you, but also your loved ones. CanSleep Services is a full-service sleep apnea clinic located in Burnaby, BC, providing the most extensive range of treatments to reduce the impact of sleep apnea and snoring on your life.

What is Sleep Apnea and How Can It Be Treated?

Sleep apnea occurs when the soft tissue at the back of your throat collapses during sleep, cutting off your airway and inhibiting your ability to breathe. Sleep apnea can affect your health in many ways. Moderate effects can be seen with mood instability and daytime sleepiness, while the more severe effects range from obesity, heart disease, stroke and hypertension. Obstructive
sleep apnea can be managed through the use of a CPAP machine which places positive pressure on your airways during sleep, allowing you to breathe and decreasing the symptoms and risks associated with the condition.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring happens when air cannot move through your nose and throat easily during sleep. The extra tissue in these areas can inhibit the air to create the typical snoring sound. Snoring solutions can involve positional therapy, but chronic snorers may see more benefit from utilizing a CPAP device. The team at CanSleep Services can provide you with proven treatment options if you want to stop snoring for good.

Effective Sleep Apnea Treatment in Burnaby, BC

If you are noticing that sleep apnea or snoring are causing you difficulty in your daily life, take control of your health by enlisting the help of a sleep expert such as CanSleep Services. By providing snoring solutions such as CPAP devices, oral appliances, positional therapy and alternative treatment options, our team will ensure that your condition is properly managed. To book a consultation, call us today at 1.844.SLEEP40.