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Dear Sleep patient,

On June 14, 2021, Philips Respironics/Respironics Inc. released a Medical Device Recall Notification ( announcing a voluntary recall of its Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), BiLevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiLevel PAP) devices, and Mechanical Ventilators due to associated health risks. Health Canada further issued a Recall on June 23, 2021, listing 35 affected products by name. The full list of affect products and Health Canada’s reasons for the Recall can be found at:

According to the manufacturer’s Recall and according to Health Canada, the polyester-based polyurethane foam used for sound abatement in the listed devices may degrade due to high heat and humidity. The degraded foam may turn into particles, and it may also emit certain chemicals. Be aware that unapproved cleaning methods may accelerate the foam degradation.

In the recall, the manufacturer warned that there are potential health risks associated with exposure to those particles and chemicals. The manufacturer listed the following as potential safety hazards associated with use: irritation to skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, inflammatory response, headache, asthma, adverse effects on organs, and toxic carcinogenic affects. Further information on the potential health risks can be found at:

CanSleep acknowledges that the recall recommends Consumers take the following actions:

  1. For patients using life-sustaining mechanical ventilator devices, do not stop or alter your prescribed therapy until you have spoken with your physician.
    2. For patients using BiLevel PAP and CPAP devices, discontinue use of your device and consult your physician or Durable Medical Equipment provider to determine the most appropriate option for continued treatment.

    In light of these recommendations, CanSleep stresses the importance that Consumers directly consult with their physicians to obtain individual medical advice regarding their use of an affected device. Upon seeking individual medical information from a physician, the patient may then be better able to weigh the risks of continuing use against the risks of discontinuing use.

CanSleep is unaware of the anticipated timeframe for the repair or replacement of these devices and is awaiting further guidance from the manufacturer. CanSleep acknowledges the urgency to provide replacement devices for patients; however, CanSleep does not control the supply of repair or replacement devices. Thus, CanSleep is unable to facilitate the expedient repair or replacement of the affected devices. Nevertheless, CanSLeep are advocating for the health and safety of its patients and customers.

Upon receiving new information relating to the recall of the affected devices, CanSleep endeavors to provide that information to its patients when it becomes available.

Next Steps:

1. Check to see if your device serial number is affected by the recall:

2. Register your recalled device:
Alternatively, contact the manufacturer at 1-877-907-7508 to assist with device registration.

3. Please consult your physician. Upon seeking individual medical information from a physician, the patient may then be better able to weigh the risks of continuing use against the risks of discontinuing use.

If you need any further information or support concerning this issue, please contact CanSleep by email: [email protected]

CanSleep understands how important your therapy is to your health and well-being. We appreciate your patience as we navigate through this challenge.

Sleep and Respiratory Team – CanSleep