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Our family of clinics to support you include:

Cansleep Consultation

Why CanSleep

CanSleep is a specialty clinic, where snoring and sleep apnea are all we do.

What Gets Us Out of Bed in the Morning

Whether it’s been months, years, or even decades struggling with the effects of poor sleep, CanSleep gives you access to the life you want to live and the energy you want to feel living it.

Upon a recommendation of your physician and a signed Home Sleep Apnea Test referral, our team will support and educate you on the testing process.

Once testing is completed and interpreted by a Board-Certified Sleep Specialist our team will educate you on the recommended line of treatment.

CanSleep makes diagnosing and treating sleep disorders easier, faster,
and more convenient for patients and their doctors.

Read more about how we help Doctors.

Our Partners

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Cansleep Partner 1

Indigo ENT

Indigo ENT provides a wide scope of public, private, clinical and surgical services. We take pride in our excellent patient-centered multidisciplinary and holistic approach.

Indigo ENT is a group of otolaryngologists devoted to the treatment of adult and pediatric ENT diseases. Our expertise is in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders with special interest in snoring, sleep apnea, nasal and sinus disorders, hearing loss and hearing rehabilitation.

Indigo ENT is located in the Lower Mainland in Burnaby, Coquitlam and New Westminster. | P: 604.553.1236

Cansleep Partner 2

Indigo Pharmacy

Indigo Pharmacy is a full-service specialty pharmacy that works collaboratively with medical and other healthcare professionals to connect patients who have chronic and rare conditions to medication, information and funding. Our pharmacists have over 20 years of expertise in medication management.

Our high-touch and uniquely personal approach is designed to deliver exceptional results in patient satisfaction, prescriber satisfaction, adherence rates and more. We believe in collaborating with prescribers, and health care professionals to provide the best possible patient treatment. | P: 604.553.8996

Cansleep Partner 3

Indigo Health Clinic

At Indigo Health Clinic, our team consists of leading specialists in the fields of internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology, diabetes and infectious disease. We customize treatment plans to help you achieve your health goals. Contact your primary care physician for a referral.

Our goal is for you to enjoy the benefits of healthy living. | P: 604.553.9661