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CPAP – CanSleep Services Inc



Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the most effective non-invasive treatment available that achieves fast results. CPAP works by applying continuous mild air pressure to keep your airways open while you sleep.

It is considered the gold standard of care because it has little to no side effects and it’s easy-to-use. CPAP therapy is recommended often because it’s non-invasive, highly effective, and results can appear in as little as two weeks.

CPAP therapy dramatically improves the quality of life for someone affected by sleep apnea, allowing them to live their life with more energy.

CPAP should be used every night to experience maximum benefits:
  • Increased energy level
  • Reduced irritability
  • Fewer morning headaches
  • Improved memory
  • Increased effectiveness at work and in your personal life
  • Sounder sleep with less waking during the night
  • Overall improved quality of life
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
CPAP treatmet – CanSleep Services Inc


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