SoClean 2

Jun. 8, 2017

CPAP therapy is the most effective treatments for obstructive sleep apnea. However, if you aren’t committed to maintaining a clean CPAP machine, you’re putting yourself at high risk for exposure to germs and bacteria that nests in your equipment. This is why regular CPAP cleaning is an essential part of CPAP therapy. The soap and water method can be time-consuming and it’s almost impossible to reach every inch and corners of the equipment by hand, so your CPAP equipment is unlikely to be completely clean. If you’re looking for the best way to clean CPAP equipment consider SoClean, which quickly and effectively destroys 99.9% of common CPAP germs in your mask, hose and reservoir. It is completely automated, you don’t need to take CPAP equipment apart and no water or chemicals are used. Keep in mind that because SoClean uses a natural gas to clean, even the hard-to-reach spots are thoroughly disinfected. After a simple one-time setup, place your mask inside the SoClean chamber, close the lid and let SoClean’s automated CPAP cleaning cycle do the rest.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (click on the picture to see how SoClean works)

SoClean uses ozone (also known as activated oxygen or O3) to clean CPAP equipment. The generator inside the SoClean breaks down the chemical bond of common oxygen (O2) and allows it to recombine into a new molecule that has three atoms of oxygen instead of two. Activated oxygen has a short life cycle. After being generated it automatically decomposes back to oxygen within two hours. Activated oxygen exits the chamber through a special filter, which needs to be replaced every 6months.This filter converts any excess activated oxygen back into the oxygen that we breathe (O2). Ozone is a 100% safe, naturally occurring gas that has been used to purify water and hospital sanitizing for centuries. To get more information about SoClean2 and SoClean 2 go (travel size) contact Cansleep services at 1-844-753-sleep40.

By Bahareh Ezzati (BSc, CPhT, RRT)